1. Q. What does Melanotan Express do?  A. We are a peptide chemical supply company.
  2. Q. Do you take phone orders?  A. No, we utilize an answering service and they will forward your inquiry to our support staff, but all orders must be placed on our website directly.
  3. Q. Can you please tell me  how to use your products?  A. NO sorry, first and foremost all of our products are sold for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY and once again we are a supply company and research questions are beyond our scope of knowledge.
  4. Q. How long does it take to process your orders?  A. Most orders are processed the same day and ship the following day.  You can expect your package extremely fast no matter how you decide to pay because we ship from within the USA.
  5. Q. Who do you use to deliver your orders?  A. We proudly use the United States Postal Service, www.usps.com. USPS has been extremely reliable and gives us the ability to ship to P.O. Boxes if need be.
  6. Q. Why isn’t my country listed on the checkout page?  A. If your country isn’t listed on our checkout page it’s because we do not offer service there. Currently we do not ship to Germany, Hawaii, Norway, New Zealand, United Kingdom, India or The Philippines.
  7. Q. Why does US Postal Service show the order in their system with no info?  A.Give it a day or two for their system to update it will show.
  8. Q. Do you offer overnight shipping?  A.No. Our goal is to have every customer 100% satisfied, so we do offer a two day option.  Our processing is so fast we don’t want to charge and exorbitant amount of money to our clients for shipping.  Everything we do is to minimize your costs.
  9. Q. Do you accept returns or give refunds for unused product?  A. For health and safety reasons involving peptides we do not accept returns or refunds on products sold. We will however replace any product if it does not meet at least 99% Purity.
  10. Q. How do you store Melanotan 2 and other peptides?  A. All of our peptides are stable at room temperature for approximately two years. However, once you reconstitute them we recommend storing them in the refrigerator.
  11. Q. I haven’t got any email responses from you about my order.  A. Check your spam folder. Our system automatically generates a response stating we received your order.
  12. Q. Where can I get more info on Melanotan II?  A. There are endless arrays of information online for Melanotan II we do not comment on anything regarding its alleged uses or how to administer this product. By purchasing from us you are agreeing you are qualified to handle these peptides and will NOT ingest them.
  13. Q. What are your payment options?  A. We only accept: e-Check, Money Orders, Cashier’s Checks and Bitcoin. We do NOT accept credit cards.